Saturday, May 17, 2008

Weekend Plans

Well it looks as though our camping plans have been temporarily put on hold :(

We decided it was going to be too hectic for our liking trying to camp on May long weekend and that we really shouldn't neglect the responsibility we have to getting our garden planted. We managed to get all of our wood for free and we made sure to shake all the soil off the grass patches we dug up so its been a free project so far. No dirt, no wood. Well.. we did spend money on the Jiffy Starter Kit and we will spend more on seeds and nails. Not to shabby!

Anyway, last night we hung up a bird feeder I bought this week with my mom. There are so many birds in my yard! They are crazy everywhere and LOUD, lol. Sometimes as I sit and write my posts a bird will land on the balcony outside the window to my right and cause a ruckus which will scare the daylights out of me! I swear I've had nearly a dozen small heart attacks since the weather warmed up again.

I had decided that I needed to feed these birds because they are here all the time and I actually really do enjoy having them around. I went to a specialty bird store and purchased a feeder for $12.99. It was a good size and can feed a variety of birds. There were many beautiful and fun expensive feeders but I tried to think with my wallet in mind. I like the one I got. We had to fashion a little tray to hang under it so that the bird seed doesn't fall on the ground when the birds get rowdy. She told me the seeds can give the birds salmonella poisoning after they've been sitting in the dirt and how if they ate it, they would curl up into a ball and die.


Ok, so I'll be sure to keep on eye on that! Good lord, this is more of a responsibility than I thought. It took us 10 minutes to put it together but two days to hang on the Cherry tree. I told you guys I have a problem with procrastination. I hope the birds like the feeder. I also bought some special feed that the type of birds in my yard like that was $8. They reuse the containers that you buy it in if you return it. I like that!

Back to the garden... its our priority this weekend. We need to build a frame. Make sure the soil is ready to go and most importantly we need to get the seeds in the ground!

I promise to post pics later on today and maybe tomorrow of our progress.


Canadian Saver said...

I am sorry about the weekend plans. It's turning out to be a cool, wet weekend here, so a few folks I know canceled too. Unless you're in those fancy house-like campers that have heat, a/c, electricity, showers and everything!!

We love birds too... I especially enjoy the hummingbirds. Have to get that set up today cuz my neighbor told me they are here :-)

Canadian Saver said...

How is that for serial posting? I hadn't been reading blogs in almost a week... I was glad to catch up :-)

Arual said...

I want to see pics of your garden!!! I planted my container garden yesterday and have all of the pots lined up in my kitchen waiting for the right moment to be put outside.
This is my first attemp at growing anything (besides houseplanst which really, were already grown and I just maintain them) and I am really excited to see if it turns out.