Monday, May 12, 2008

Darn You Government!

Don't you love how the government likes to grab every penny they can from you? UGH!!

This year when I received my interest relief form for 2007 from my Federal loan there was another letter attached with an amendment for 2006. So when I filed my taxes last month I filed them both.

A few weeks later I find out that because of the amendment I had been over paid and now they wanted their money back and they'd already tacked on a year's interest ($5) on the overdue amount!

How rude! First of all, it was their error not mine. Second of all I filed it as soon as I received the amendment. Then you charge me interest!! How is any of this my fault at all?

On top of everything I had to pay my own postage too! Grrr


SavingDiva said...

My 2008 taxes are going to be horrible. I'm moving, I'm going back to school...OHNO!

Dolly Iris said...

Geez... yeah I also have an amended t4 from my X workplace to file.. maybe. They are fucking around with me because I won a settlement from them. I called revenue services and they said they were never sent the amended one. So I have to keep calling every few weeks to see if they get it before I submit it. Its so dumb!

Canadian Saver said...

Oh that sucks :-( Hope you get the other workplace stuff amended too...