Saturday, May 3, 2008

Todays Events

I had a good sleep and woke up at 9am this morning. Oh how I love to sleep in seeing as I usually am up between 430-5am. I watched a little bit of television and relaxed on the couch for a bit. Then I woke BF up with breakfast in bed (bacon, egg and cheese omelet paired with a homemade strawberry/raspberry smoothie).

I may venture to the store later on to get some baking supplies and something yummy for dinner. Besides that I'm hoping to get into the garden as the rain has let up but the wind is not making it look inviting out there. The agenda to is... not much. Gotta love it!


Nathaniel Christopher said...

Sounds like you're having a nice day! I hope it keeps up... be sure to keep me posted as to how things go! :)

Canadian Saver said...

I slept in too.... I love lazy Saturdays!! Hope you had a great day :-)