Monday, May 26, 2008

My Cobalt Blue Baby

Today Canadian Saver wrote about how her "bubble' up and died on her suddenly. I know how devastating it can be for a lady to lose her near and dear friend... a hair dryer.

Many, many moons ago when I was in high school I purchased a beautiful cobalt blue hair dryer. I loved my hair dryer and so did my naturally, weirdly wavy hair. Once I got that sucker I had perfectly straight hair all the time. We all remember when it was the "in thing" to have Rachel from Friends layered hair blown all straight and sexy, right ladies? Mmhmm, I had that hair. Oh, and it looked GOOD thanks to my new found lover... the hair dryer.

Every where that Dolly went her hair dryer surely followed. All over two provinces that dryer was snuggly packed in with my most valued possessions.

Have Dryer Will Travel

For one horrid week about 3 years back the dryer took a turn for the worse. After two minutes of use it emitted a horrible smell and would start to blow out cold air. I was heart broken and lost without it. I tried shopping with my best friend who was a hair dresser to no avail. I wasn't ready to put so much faith into a new dryer so suddenly after the passing of my dear companion. I went home after letting it sit a few days and turned it on in desperately searching for some sign of life.

Hallelujah, it worked! My baby was back in business.

We carried on like nothing had ever happened. We were in sync again and that was all that mattered. Once I cheated and brought a discounted beauty home but the grass was no greener. I returned that sucker and kept on with old faithful.

Last weekend I was blissfully blow drying my hair humming away when it happened again.

Strange Smell..... Cold Air


I panicked. BF tried to tell me that it was just a trigger response to overheating when it goes to cold but I'd know that smell anywhere.

Can my baby pull through this again? I sure hope so.

Above picture is the actual dryer featured in this post. That is her home, parked in my towel rack for quick access.


Anonymous said...

Aww, I hope it owrks again :(

Canadian Saver said...

The color's cool!!