Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday is here.. Finally

Oh Friday how I love thee :)

I injured myself at work today. I reported it to first aid and made sure everything was documented properly just in case. I split open the top of my hand about an inch wide, right above the vein on my wrist. It hurts like HELL! If it bothers me over the weekend I'll go to the walk in clinic.

I don't know whats happening this weekend. We were supposed to be going camping but there is so much happening in town this weekend for the long weekend! There is a parade, fireworks and a ton more festivities. Plus the weather is great for planting. Hmm, I was so looking forward to camping though.

We'll see when BF gets home what we decide to do. He suggested over MSN that we could camp in the yard together instead but I'm not to keen on the effort to just camp in the backyard, lol. I want to go somewhere new!

*pic from our trip to Cali last year

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Canadian Saver said...

I hope your hand gets better!! Your job seems to be dangerous! I'd have no fingers left after a few weeks ;-)