Monday, May 5, 2008

Finding Money Mondays - 7

Note to self:

Dear Dolly,

If you know you are going to want a soda every day at lunch to give you that extra bit of pep for the second half of the work day... plan ahead. Spending $1 a day on a can of soda is ridiculous! From now own if you don't buy a case ahead of time and bring one from home then you will just have to do without. Spending 2.99 on a case of 12 is a lot better than the $12 dollars you would have spent daily in the machine.

You could be doing so much more with your money if you watched all the "small things" just as much as you do the "big ticket" items. So please try to be more aware of your casual spending here and there because it all adds up.

Have a good day,

A Kick in the A$$


Arual said...

I want a letter from A kick in the A$$!!! I agree, I need to be more consisitent with my little spending keeping my big spending in my mind. I need to find a way to make the cafeteria at work invisible... :)

Canadian Saver said...

So true! Here in convenience stores, you can pay close to $2 for a 591 ml bottle of soda... and you can get a 2L bottle for cheaper. Crazy huh?

You are so right about the little things adding up!

debtfretter said...

i can so relate - big on big ticket stuff but not the little things ... i have to get better at this too