Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Garden Planted - Another May TCOB Goal Completed

So here was our garden during the first stage. We had to dig up the area that we wanted to plant in. We shook all the soil from the grass to reuse in the garden. We found it easiest to dig up the grass clumps, flip them over, let them dry out a bit and then shake them out. We did this over a few days. We then picked out all the rocks from the soil. We were pleased to find many worms.

Apparently this robin was also pleased that the amount of worms! ;)

The we built a frame. We drove down logging roads to find an area where they leave scraps that people can dig through and my BF managed to fashion some into this lovely frame. We did have to buy nails but no wood. We then drove out and dug up some soil which we mixed into or existing soil along with 2 bags of mushroom manure and one bag of cow manure. Stir it all up and you've got yourself some nice soil. Then we planted corn, cucumbers, radishes, carrots, and our already started bell peppers and tomato plants.

In the morning we woke up to find the neighbourhood cats also liked the garden but for other reasons. So we cleaned out that area, replanted and built this fence out of gardening net and bamboo (a very cheap solution). I still want to dig up another small patch for things we didn't have the room for such as zucchini and peas. I have also toyed with the idea of a small strawberry patch in another part of the yard. Oh and a few raspberry bushes....mmm.

I wish this was our home..wait I take that back because I would never buy this house. I wish we were at the stage of owning our own home so that we could invest more into our yard. We'll get to harvest this summer and next but then we'll be off on another adventure. It's hard to hold myself back because I love gardening so much even though it drives my allergies crazy.

Anyway, thats my garden update. I showed you mine, now show me yours!


Arual said...

I am so excited to watch this grow! And I can relate to the owning your own property for gardening. I rent the upstairs of a house and share the yard with ym neighbors. Nice people, but I don't want to share my garden hence the containers. I imagine the day I have my own secret garden to putter away in all day (if it turns out I have a green thumb after all that is).

Dolly Iris said...

Yeah, in the last place we were in we had people live above us and so we never planted a garden besides herbs in the window that we always forgot about, lol.

It's a lot of work but its peaceful. I really like gardening a lot!

L@SpillingBuckets said...

Ahh, here's the garden post! Looking foward to updates. :)