Saturday, February 2, 2008

Wing Night

Ok so I'm not the best at tracking where my money goes, but I have a pretty good idea. The only nasty habit I have for spending is eating out. Last night I spent $40 on pizza and such. My hunny and I take turns paying when we go out.

Usually we go out every Thursday night with friends for wings. We go out and have a few drinks and huge baskets of wings at 20 cents a piece. This is our favorite time of the week. We noticed the prices going up at our regular spot so we found a new place last Thursday. The wings are just as good and the drinks were $2 less. This was great.

It's nice to have a night out with friends. It's even better when its super affordable and everyone can come and not worry about busting the budget. My hunny and I both filled up for 20.85. Now that's a good deal. The place had a better atmosphere as well. We decided it's our new weekly spot.

Its my goal this month to cut down on eating out besides our weekly night out. Last night I spent $40 (even with coupons) and then wasn't even happy with the food. I hate spending money and regretting it. Oh well... at least there are a lot of left overs. It was a pizza and movie night with a girlfriend so I don't feel too bad but I definitely wont be doing that again. I should have stuck to my regular pizza place for half the price but I decided to splurge. Booo

So where is your money splurged?

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