Friday, February 15, 2008

Hunger Pains

So I've said it before... eating out and food are my biggest problem areas. I love food! The problem is I always want to order in or eat out. I really need to focus on cutting back in that area. I've been trying to use new recipes that I find online and experiment more in the kitchen. So far everything I've been making has been turning out pretty good but actually getting in the kitchen and making this a regular habit is where I struggle.

Blogging helps me stay on track and pushes me to get things down because I want to practice what I preach. Since I want to save money to put it towards better things like debt reduction, savings and oh I don't know.... fun... I need hold myself accountable.

With all this being said I'm going to be strapping on that apron and get back into the kitchen! I've decided to try new recipes and feature one each week in a post I'll be calling "What's Cooking Wednesdays". I hope in doing this that I will be more productive in achieving my goal and spread the cooking bug to my readers.

Feel free to email me your favorite recipes. I'm trying to stick to things that are relatively easy, cost effective and delicious. Don't expect anything fancy, but I promise the recipes will be ones you'll want to try out and love.

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