Saturday, February 16, 2008

When Tragedy Strikes

I don't know why I'm writing this.. I guess its becuz its so late at night and I dont have anyone here to talk too since Francis is away skiing. I just got a phone call that my grandfathers home is burning down as I write this. We lost my grandmother this year and now all of her things will be gone too.

My uncle and grandfather live there. The things of my mother, uncle and grandparents all live there too. Its strange how you think of things before tragedy strikes.

Just a few days ago I thought of a plate I had designed when I was a child for my grandparents. Growing up they had plates that ran along the top of their dining room. Collector plates and eventually plates from all the kids. Mine was never there. For years and years I asked them but it never happened. Then one day I went there and didn't even look, just started complaining but it was there! I finally got my place on the wall. A few days ago I thought about how happy it made me and that I wanted to go take a photo of it hanging there amongst the others.

All of my baby photo's, all of our family photos, all the things that we cherished so dearly. We had planned to scan all the photo's onto discs for everyone but never did. Photo's of my grandparents partying at my age. All my grandparents handmade treasures. I just can't even comprehend this all right now.

Oh! Francis just called. Thank god! I needed to let out some tears.

I don't know how I will make it through the morning. Its 1:16am. Our family is all waiting for the phone call in the morning from the firemen to tell us its done smoldering and we can look for anything that may have survived the fire. They don't think anything will be recoverable. My mother will call me and we will go together. I hope I can hold it together when I see my grandfather but we'll all experienced so much loss this year it will be a great challenge.

Please readers, don't put off tasks the way we did. Preserve your memories somewhere safe and don't procrastinate... the price is to big to bear.

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