Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Addition to the EFund

With my nervousness about money right now and looking for work I've made another addition to my EFund. Things are tight right now but the only way to get some money saved is to get it out of my sight. So I initiated a xfer today for a modest $100.

My EFund goal is small but its realistic for me right now. I just don't have the extra funds to beef it up as fast or as big as I'd like to. Over the next few years I will build it up. I think $10 grand sounds like a good round and safe number for me. I will probably want to save more after having children.

The real challenge is not using it all up again in the upcoming months. It will really put me to the test of living on a truly tiny budget. Good thing I'm fairly accustomed to the lifestyle anyways. I will have to rule out things that I already have problems with like eating out. Well, except for wing nights of course!

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