Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day to My Readers

Whether you are single or in a relationship.. Happy Valentines Day to you.

This Valentine's day will be a little bit different for me. My sweetheart will be leaving today for a ski trip. We were supposed to meet for lunch but instead I'm going to surprise him with breakfast in bed using things we already have in our fridge and cupboards. I'm totally ok with him leaving today as we already had our special romantic time last weekend.

You don't need a partner on Valentine's to enjoy the day! Have a potluck with some friends and drink to being happy! I see so many people depressed about being single on Valentines. What a shame. Remember the days back in school when we gave Valentines out to all our friends?

I wish my friends wouldn't be upset over being single on what is mostly, in my opinion, a commercial holiday. I mean I don't cry at home and eat ice cream on mother's day because I don't have children. I see many green faced people drinking on St.Patrick's day and I doubt they are all Irish.

My point is try not to let a label ruin your day! Now get out there and have some fun today!

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