Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Job Status is "in the works"

Two weeks ago I emailed a job contact that I made before going away for the holidays. She asked me to contact her back when I returned. I emailed her and she didn't respond so last week I gave her a call. She said she'd been out of office but was glad to hear from me. She asked me to fill out one of their applications so that she could contact my references. So I did that on Monday.

The next step after my references check out will be to book a TB test. Ugh! Have you ever had one of these done before? I hate it! They take a needle and inject this liquid just under the surface of your skin. At first it makes this little bubble. Gross, right? Ok, well then you go back in 24 hours for them to check the area for irritation. I had one done a few years back to work for a nanny agency. I suppose its a common thing when working with children or the elderly.

I will also need to have a criminal record check done which is $30 but only takes a day or two. I hate having to pay for these! I think that the cost should never be covered by the employee unless they are deemed unemployable after having it done.

Lastly I will need to give them a copy of my food safe certificate. I took this course many times in school but was never given the actual certificate. I suppose I will just take it again. No harm in brushing up on skills. It's a one day course but if I remember correctly it's about $60. I'm not sure if I'll do it online or in a class room.

The job would be part time for now with some on call work. The pay is not bad and I like working in kitchens so it should be ok for me. I don't want a job where I'm working around too many people. Its also very close to my home which is a bonus. The job title is "dietary aide" and I would be working in a retirement home.

The job hunt still continues but its looking alright. I just want to find something where I'm not feeling stressed at work and I'll be fine. I'll keep you all posted on how it goes. I still have some reservations about this job so I'm hoping things will work out.

On a side note: Happy 23rd Birthday to my little Brudah!! Love u!

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