Friday, February 8, 2008

Valentines Day Approaches

Well since my anniversary and Valentines fall so close together we tend to celebrate them both together. This year we managed to save some money on our weekend away.

First off we got a steal of a deal at the Empress in Victoria. We are even in one of the Gold rooms! Ooh la la. We booked in January and saved $100 off our room rate. We also picked a place that is within two hours driving distance so that we can cut costs by driving there first thing Saturday morning (tomorrow) and paying for only one night.

I decided to cut some costs by buying some chocolate wafers, strawberries and almonds to make my valentines treat for my sweetheart. Chocolate covered strawberries are actually incredibly easy to do.

We'll be taking in some of the activities in the area and then we'll do the big splurge on dinner Saturday night. Since it is two special events wrapped in to one and we managed to save so much money we'll be dining at a special seafood restaurant. Mmmmm... seafood... my favorite.

So what are some special things you can do for cheap for your valentine?

*Pick some wild flowers
*Make a sexy card
*Run a bubble bath and surround it with candles
*Make a nice dinner
*Make a coupon book for lovers (one free back massage etc)
*Write them a letter telling them how you feel

These are just a few simple ideas but the main focus here is that it doesn't need to be over the top expensive to show someone you care.

Have a great weekend everyone! I will ;)

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