Saturday, February 23, 2008

She's in the Garden

Well I guess its the time of the year to get my behind in gear and start planting! I have longed for a garden for years now. Living in tiny spaces and jumping from place to place never allowed me the pleasure. We are currently renting a house that could use the addition to the yard.

When I was a kid I loved being in the garden. I loved to play with the worms and woodbugs. As I got older I started to actually plant things. I started with peas in a small planter box. Eventually I expanded my garden to include carrots, corn, and pumpkins. ** If you plan on planting pumpkins they will take over your entire yard hehe.

So now that we are in the position to plant a garden we thrilled! We tried planting some herbs on our window still last year but only the chives and chillies survived. This week I need to dig up the spot I want and get some good soil in there. Next weekend I plan to get planting!!

I noticed at the dollar store that they had gloves and tools and even fencing to put around the garden. I also need to get some seeds but I'm still deciding what to plant. Since we are newbies to this I'll probably stick to my usual. I'm definitely doing peas again! I would also like to do carrots and tomato's since I use so many cooking.

There are three amazing reasons to plant a garden:

1) It helps cut down on the food bill!!

2) It helps the environment!!

3) It gives you a great feeling to pluck your home grown food from the ground.

I can't wait to get started. This will be a project of love.

Anyone else planting a garden this year? Have any tips?


Canadian Saver said...

I'm eager to hear what you are planting... we always put up one too (my parents plant most of the main veggies, I just do herbs and what I call the "exotics", what doesn't go in an old-fashioned garden). We can't plant until late May-early June though in my part of Canada!!

Dolly Iris said...

I'll be posting about that soon! We are still deciding about most things but we have picked up a few things that need to be started indoors.