Friday, November 14, 2008

Long Weekend Has Started!!/ New Family Member?

Since I worked on the holiday I get today off with pay instead which gives me a long weekend. Hmm... I'll take it!

I'm supposed to do my L test today but I'm not feeling very confident about it. A few years ago I passed it without even reading the book. Failing this year scared me off a bit. Plus, I have not been filling my obligation to myself to read a little each day and do the online practice test. It's just so boring. I've attempted to read it a few times but either doze off or stare into space instead. That's how exhilarating I find it, lol.

BF and I may have inherited a pet. As long time readers know, earlier in the year we lost our beloved pet. I still cry about it and miss her a lot. We want a pet so badly but don't think its fair because we would have to leave it in one years time. We could never do that to the animal or to ourselves.

A lot of animals hang around our house. Some even come inside. There was a grey cat our friends and us named Apple that came around. (I like food names. Our last pet was Cherri). Unfortunately Apple's family moved away. You can read about Apple or see pics of her here.

Now we have an orange cat who has visited once or twice in the past. The last two nights in a row she's come over and waited for us to get home so she could come in. She was desperate for cuddles and food. At first we weren't sure if she was hungry or just begging but after watching her eat we fed her a little more because she looked like she was very desperate. She has no collar but really nice fur. After watching her clean herself it may just be her own doing. One thing we did notice is that her nails are a little long on one foot and seems to bother her. BF said he's not going to do anything yet cuz he's not sure if it has an owner.

We let her sleep for awhile and then BF decided she must go outside because we have no litter box and he was worried there may be an owner wondering where their cat was. This morning when we left the cat was sitting outside again with another cat just outside our house watching BF leave. As soon as he came on MSN at work we talked about it. I heard the cats get into a fight and then the other one took off running. The orange cat however sat down and stared at our house. Aww! I watched the cat for awhile but it didn't go anywhere. I

So I took some pictures of her last night (we think its a her). Here are two of them!

I know my parents have a big orange cat that visits them at night when they sit out on their back deck. They nicknamed the cat "Morris" and I wonder its the same big cat. BF wants to buy a litter box and food now. We are thinking of using the bottom of our old cage for Cherri for a litter box because we don't want to spend too much because we're unsure of what's going to happen.

The best part is its the first cat I've been able to pet without having an allergic reaction too. Amazing! Oh... what are we going to do?


Canadian Saver said...

Enjoy your long weekend!!

And I say keep the cutie :-)

Ginger said...

Beautiful kitty! I say keep her!

What a charmer :)

Arual said...

This confirms my suspisions (spelling?) that my kitty Oryx has another family he hangs out with...I can't figure out how he keeps gaining weight when I have him on a diet! :)
I say maybe you put pics around the neighborhood or at the local grocery store etc. etc. If that cat does belong to someone and he got too far from home, someone is probably very worried about him. If no one calls, it was meant to be yours.

Nathaniel Christopher said...

Hi Dolly,

Thank you so much for a lovely message today, it really brightened my day like you couldn't believe.

I'm so happy about Marmalade - I don't think she could have skampered into your life at a better time. There is nothing better than having a household pet who comes to you.

It seems she has chosen you! Do you see a pattern here? Cats coming to your house... simply because they LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Cats aren't so different from people - the good ones love Dolly Iris and the rest suck big time...