Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Work Drama

It seems no matter where you go there's always drama at work. I find this to be true especially in pharmacies. It's rather pathetic. I wish everyone could just deal with each other and get on with it already.

Soon after starting at the pharmacy I realized there was some major tension between the techs at the store I'm working at now. I was kind of irritated because I stressed in my interview that I'm really not into dealing with that type of childlike behavior.

Apparently the girl on maternity leave that I'm covering for over the next year before we go to Australia used to be a big component of fighting so I guess I'm glad she's not around. As for the other two we have two classic pharmacy personalities.

1- The been around the block tech. This technician has worked all over the place for different chains. She thinks she has it all figured out. Granted, she does know a lot and I'm impressed by her knowledge! Unfortunately she shares this with everyone in a unfriendly way. Her explanations are long and dragged out so that they become impossible to listen to and I find myself dozing off internally while she talks. She thinks everything should be done in the manner she wants. Even if it has nothing do with her. She takes everything personally and makes depressing and negative comments all the time.

2- The head tech. Usually comforting and welcoming. The head tech is more relaxed in her environment and enjoys being a technician. She's a great trainer and really listens. She also can't stand being pushed around on her own turf. This is her domain and she's going to protect it.

Put these two together and the planets collide. When I was offered the job at the hospital I knew it wasn't the right thing at this time for me but I almost took it because of the crap going on between these two. I discussed it with the head tech. I told her I really hate dealing with that sort of behavior and I really just wanted to be left out of it. It was affecting my training and that's just not cool with me.

Head tech went away for a week to Mexico and BATBT was in her glory. She was much easier to work with and actually very pleasant. One day she called me her protege though and that worried me. I had to stand my ground a bit at that point to make sure she doesn't think she can tell me to do whatever she wants.

Head tech came back and the dynamics changed again. BATBT really wanted to make it known that things went great while HT was gone. *sighs* BATBT stopped being pleasant and became really quiet again. After a week and a half of HT being back the lid blew off the roof.

Now I'm not sure exactly what happened but it was really stressful day yesterday with head office being there. A lot of projects just couldn't get done because of them being there and tying up every one's time. By the time BATBT tech came in for her shift things were still chaotic. At 4pm the owner was leaving for the day when I saw him being approached by BATBT. Next thing I knew she was "borrowing" HT for a few minutes. I'm thinking... "WTF there is so much shit to do and we're slammed with prescriptions".

I was so annoyed. The boss left them almost immediately, but they stayed in the private patient consultation room for two hours before the pharmacist on shift broke it up and told them to deal with it on their own time. BATBT came out crying. There was some loud discussions during those two hours. I didn't hear anything or care to either.

HT went home an hour late. BATBT blew her nose and came back to the dispensary. It was time for me to leave and there was so much left to do. I gave her a rundown and she seemed irritated she would be left with all those tasks but seriously... they ditched me for 2 hours in a rush! Not cool at all!

I left work with a pounding headache and less respect overall for my workplace. The pharmacist with me that night told me she was sick of the drama.

At what point do I let my boss know that this is bullshit?

I'm trying really hard to remain focused on my work. I just have to learn how to navigate myself through the shit I guess. I really want to stay at this job for my last year on the Island and am trying really hard to turn a blind eye to the drama. Why are pharmacies always a mess like this?


JR Moreau said...

I hear you on frustration at work. I left work yesterday about an hour later than I should have because of consistent poor communication. I was soooooo pissed because there's things I need to do after work (exercise, freelance, relax) that I don't have time for.

So, today, I got up early, had a good breakfast and sang my heart out when my housemate left for work. Tomorrow, I suggest you do the same ;-)

Nathaniel Christopher said...

Holy crap, Dolly... you don't need this shit.

You're busting your ass for two hours IN A RUSH while BATB and HT are sussing it out in the patient room? And she has the gall to give YOU attitude!?!

Australia can't come soon enough, eh?

I think you it handled it very well, focusing on your job. Just letting them dig their own graves whil you actually did some work.

It shows that you're more interested in working and getting a job done than just fucking around with all this petty bullshit that you don't have time for.

Shevy said...

I think you just see this particular dynamic playing out as a pharmacy thing because you have a fair bit of pharmacy experience, but it happens in a lot of different industries.

You have a cool, competent person who doesn't draw attention to themselves and then you have a hotshot who has some kind of chip on his/her shoulder or feels there's something to prove.

Hotshot likes drama and stirs things up sometimes to advance, sometimes as a way of getting rid of the other person, sometimes because they just have a "Poor Me, Now Make it Better Because I'm Special" kind of personality.

It's irritating as anything but the key is not to get sucked into it. You know you're only there for a year. They know it too, both from you and because it was always intended to be a maternity leave replacement.

I think that so long as customer service slash patient care doesn't get sacrificed you should ignore it. If it impacts on the customers you need to get people refocused on the job.

Today was a customer service issue, because they were unavailable during a rush. So speaking up and telling somebody that recess is over and the squabbling kids need to come back and do their work is appropriate. Some other times though I'd just leave them to throw sand and go off and do my own thing.

Dolly Iris said...

JR- I enjoy some loud music and extreme dancing to make my day start off well. I need to put it to practice more often!

Nathaniel - Vive Le Australia!

Ginger said...

You're not alone. This sort of crap happens everywhere, at any time.

It's just part of working. You will never find "the perfect job" so keep your head down and keep doing what you're doing and stay out of it.

I think you'll be fine. :)

Pushing30 said...

I think you're right about drama at work. It's inescapable! Why can't people just do their work and then go home?! It doesn't matter if you work with 3 people or 300.

I completely sympathize with your situation. But if I can suggest one word of advice..keep it to yourself. Whenever I have brought up concerns to my boss, it ended up getting worse. And I'm speaking from recent experience.

Keep your head down, ignore the silly squabbles and focus on your customers. Try to find your enjoyment from the people you serve, instead of the people you work next to. I know it's hard but otherwise you'll completely stress yourself out!

By the way, I love the blog and am adding it to my blog roll. Plus, I must thank you for linking to me!

Best of luck ;)