Saturday, November 1, 2008

October Goals Review

Personal Goals
  • Reserve for BF's birthday - DONE. The entire weekend was an amazing success. Yay!
  • Host Thanksgiving Dinner/Birthday Party (there are 6 family bdays being celebrated) DONE. Dinner was great and it was a fun evening with family.
  • Send handmade "I love you" card to two friends (didn't do this last month) - NOPE. Geez, I'm a bad friend.
  • Reorganize and set up personal office - NOPE. This room is starting to mock me as I walk by. Hmmm.
  • Find out about changing spelling of business name - NOPE.
  • Book off two days for birthday fun - SORTA. I was only allowed one day.
  • Decorate house for Halloween Spookfest ( I love trick or treaters) and Family game night. - Yes, well I did decorate but there was no game night because I had to work until 730.
Financial Goals
  • Save $100 for Australia - NOPE.
  • Pay off a minimum of $200 on Student Loan (I'm going to aim higher but we'll see). NOPE
  • Purchase bus pass to save $$$ since new job is across town - Wasn't necessary.
  • Bag lunches everyday! - UM..... shoot.
  • Assign everyone a food to bring to Thanksgiving (already figured this out weeks ago) DONE
  • Shop with a budget for Halloween ( I go a little crazy) DONE!!

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