Friday, November 28, 2008

Lunch Failure

I have been so bad at bringing my lunches since I started at my new job. I suck! I really need to buckle down because I'm spending way too much. I'd better make that one of my December goals. I am just too tempted with a full food court right there. The places I worked before weren't around any restaurants or even gas stations so I had to eat what I brought or starve all day. Not good... not good at all.

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JR Moreau said...

I find that getting a few things in mind that are fresh and in season that you can quickly make in large batches or quickly before hand is the easiest way to stay on track with bringing lunches to work. A treat once in a while is fine for me, but I don't let myself enjoy it too much. I get right back on the band wagon the next day!