Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thinking About Xmas

Xmas is not my favorite holiday at all. I enjoy xmas lights and eating lots of food but thats about it. Oh! I like the xmas tree too but thats it! I try to suck it up though because everyone around me loves it. Especially BF, its his favorite.

I've been looking around casually for gifts but haven't bought anything except for one item I picked up last week for BF when he was distracted while we were shopping. Its something I know he really wants. I'm trying to figure out what else to get him. I need him to make a list. There is one gift I am considering giving him but its not something you can wrap up. Stop thinking dirty! It's nothing like that. I'm not going to write about it now though because I'm not sure if he reads my blog or not.

This year everyone buys for my parents and for the kiddies but we are doing a siblings draw. Siblings and significant others draw really. I was in charge of it. It's already a mess so I'm handing the details off to my mom. I handled Thanksgiving. I am suggesting a cap of $30 this year. I am really watching spending. I'm also going to give myself a budget for the other people I'm buying for. I'll work on that and post my list later on.


Fabulously Broke said...

We don't make a big deal out of Xmas either. It's just food for us :)

JR Moreau said...

haha we posted a very similar blog topic one after another.

Down with Xmas!

Nathaniel Christopher said...

I think every day you write a post is a Christmas gift, Dolly.

Seriously, there is no need for presents when we got someone as smart and helpful as you to help guide us through life.

I'm looking at this white board we did a few weeks back and HALF of it is completed now!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Dolly Iris said...

Nathaniel- That is so exciting. Yay for us! I'm hoping you'll come stay over during the xmas holidays some time. BF is off to Quebec and I'll need some company.

P.S You're making a lot more progress than me on goals lately!

Nathaniel Christopher said...

I'd love to keep you company... I was wanting to have a fun little Christmas themed party with you - this could be our chance!