Monday, November 3, 2008

Turned Down the Hospital Job Offer

So I just got off the phone with the lady in hiring at the local hospital. She called to tell me she is having a problem getting a hold of one of my references. Hmm... maybe because she's trying to call the business we no longer work at rather than the home number I supplied on my references... geez.

After talking things over with BF and my mom I had already decided that the offer was not for me. I would have to start casual and then work up to part time permanent which can take up to a year. The pay is good but you are on call every day. I don't like that. Some of the hours start pretty early and would be really inconvenient for me since I take the bus so I would have to cab there. Yikes! That could seriously off put some of the money I'd be making. Also, there are no benefits. This job would take a few years to get me anywhere which is time I just don't have right now. It would be a great stepping stone to other hospital positions once I gained seniority which is why it killed me to turn her down.

She was rather rude sounding when I did though. I was honest and told her that over the weekend we had talked about it and I am not in a position financially right now to take on the job and that lack of a vehicle would make things very difficult. Then I said I hoped it wouldn't impede me from applying there in the future.

She responded with something like I'd better be sure of what I wanted next time I applied as to not waste people's time. WTF?!?! OK, I interviewed Thursday. She was away all weekend. It's Monday morning at 9:30am. It was the soonest I could have let her know anyways. Besides, when I applied it was for full time and when she called me she said full time. Then later she told me it was casual.

What can you do? I think I handled everything well. I was honest and straight forward. It's not like I was hired and then didn't show up or anything. Some people!


Nathaniel said...

Well, her response should have put to rest any shadow of a doubt you had about working there. It sounds like you really dodged a bullet, Dolly. This woman seems pushy, disorganized and misleading.

This position offered very little certainty or security. They pay might have been a bit more than your current job but I doubt your cheques would total nearly as much as you're making now.

A job interview is a two way street. It's an opportunity for employers to decide if the applicant is suitable for the position and it's also an opportunity for the applicant to decide if it's the right job for them.

I know you'll find a wonderful job suits your gifts, abilities and personality. I've never known anyone with your patience and perseverance.

ASHLEY said...

Wow I hate when people are like that! An interview is for learning more so both you and the company can make a good decision! geez...

oh well good luck in your search!