Friday, January 25, 2008

A Steal of a Deal

Yesterday while running some errands with a friend I spotted a little book store in the mall. I was immediately drawn to the discount table outside. I looked over the variety of books scanning for anything to do with personal finance and there it was...

"Millionaire Women Next Door" by Thomas J Stanley for only 99cents!!

I took a quick look inside and realized all the book prices were extremely low. I asked the shop keeper where the finance section was and he said they didn't really have one and to check in the business area. I checked and didn't really see anything. The majority of the books were about retirement savings for Americans and so forth.

So I purchased the book but have yet to begin reading it. I'm curious to read about the common traits these women possess. Learning about finances on your own can be difficult but after awhile you will see patterns and common strategies for handling your money.

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