Sunday, January 13, 2008

Making Smart Decisions

Well today I'm feeling pretty darn good!!!

Firstly I made my second extra payment on my provincial student loan this month. You hear that? No minimum payments here y'all. I have an automatic payment for this loan that comes out monthly. Its a regular payment of $50 that comes out of my account the last day of every month. I've always had the same amount because I found no matter what my situation was I could scrape together this payment, even though at times it was hard for me. Looking at my Excel I may be able to pay this loan off entirely by the end of February. That would leave me with only one debt left...........WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!

Today I also started weighing my options. Funds are tight right now... I mean really tight. I received an email from the woman who is teaching the Ear Coning class asking if I would be available later this month to take the class. These classes only happen 2-3 times a year. The class is $200 + gst for one day but I really have wanted to do this for awhile and have put aside half the money I need for it already. I thought about it for a few days and almost decided to request the next class later in the year, but then I changed my mind.

Taking calls from home is an excellent job for me, but I'm going to put the Ear Coning first. Why? There are a lot of start up costs in taking calls from home.
1) You pay for your training.
2) Criminal record Check
3) Upgrading my computer
4) Purchasing equipment
5) Voip set up

Now there are other costs that are escaping my mind right now but there's also this factor.. a lot of businesses that I want to work for now have wait lists. So I think my best bet for this job is to start putting money aside, keep applying for wait listed jobs and then when one comes up I'll be better prepared. Since this takes so much start up costs and time I'm not sure I want to put all my eggs in this basket right now. I may still be able to write off some office space though as I will still be doing other things from home such as my jewelry.

So with this in mind I do need to start bring in some viable income soon. Soon meaning the next 2-3 months. Now this doesn't mean I've given up hope on working from home for my income. I will still pursue all avenues I listed last week, but at a building pace. I just feel that I would rather be putting my extra funds towards my first goal right now - becoming debt free - than investing this particular job opportunity.

This means finding work outside the home. I don't predict it will be a problem as long as I find a low stress, fun job. The last few years I was put through the ringer by employers and my health suffered dramatically so this is a little scary for me. I think I will pursue something more part time and that will leave me the space to keep up with my at home gigs.

Choosing between the Ear Coning Class and upgrading my computer for the Call Taking Job was a hard decision at first but then when I put my goals into the equation it became rather simple.
The only thing I need to be in a hurry for is paying off my debt lol.

2008 is starting off great with two extra payments already made on the provincial student loan. I'm already drooling thinking of the "paid in full" letter that will be coming my way soon. Who ever thought paying debt would be so stimulating?

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