Friday, January 18, 2008

GST Cheques Are Here

Woohoo! Checked the PO Box the other night and there they were! Our GST cheques. This gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside of excitement because I had forgot they would be coming soon. I am happy to have the added "bonus" right now with so much going on around me. I need a few days to think about where this money would be most beneficial right now. Here's my options:

1) Put it into my major suffering EFund
With a big financial do or die coming up in two months I worry about not having adequate savings in case of an emergency (hence the term EFund).

2) Use it towards paying off the last of my provincial loan next month
I owe approximately $425 left on my provincial loan and would love to get this paid off as soon as possible to give myself a boost. I will still be able to pay the loan off next month with or without this extra money.

3) Buy myself some long overdue essentials (clothes and pretty girl things)
Since I've been paying debt off so aggressively I've been skimping in areas such as keeping up the wardrobe. I have worn out a lot of my clothing and I'm in desperate need of a lot of things. I have ONE winter jacket, thats still only semi-warm. I have no nice jeans or dress pants. I have no sweaters and most of my nicer shirts are too summery. I also started wearing orthotics this year and they only fit in one pair of really trashed sneaks which I've been wearing religiously. This needs to stop!!!

Now its not a lot by any means but anywhere I use it will be beneficial to me so thats why I was so happy to see it. I'll let you know what happens to it....

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