Friday, January 4, 2008

A New Year deserves a New Look

Last year I made an attempt to switch over to a new site. My readers didn't like it so much so I continued at the old blog for another year. This year I've decided to make the leap as there was too much personal information on the blog and I decided I would feel more comfortable this way.

I am a twenty something who has struggled to pay off debt for the last 4 years. 2 years ago I decided to get serious and drop that debt. At that point I was in the range of 17000-18000 in debt. Ouch!! Now I am at a happy $5000. I say happy as its been a long but persistent struggle. During this time I have experienced a lot of personal and job related problems but managed to keep my eye on the ball.

I have started thinking hard about my resolutions for this year. Better late than never, right? This blog will include a lot of my thoughts about my financial situation as well as some of my personal struggles and how I work my way through them. Last year I learned a lot of useful information that could help others. At least my setbacks will become useful to those around me in the event they experience something similar.

Keep in mind I do not claim to be a financial whiz by any means. I'm more in a state of learning as I go along slowly but surely. I am open to comments and perspectives of others as long as they are constructive. With all of this said I hope to be blogging regularly and hope that you will read along with me.

Cheers to my readers,

Dolly Iris

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