Monday, January 21, 2008

A Big Thank You!!!

I hard started a post earlier today named "A Missed Opportunity", but now since arriving home and checking my inbox I can forget that mess. I am so friggin happy right now I could scream and do a jig because a friend is about to do me a great service.

Last night during a random job search I clicked on the wrong newspaper link and saw a title that caught my interest:

TV financial guru in town to offer guidance

Oh yes everyone! Gail Vaz-Oxlade is coming to my town in two days!!!! The first thought to come into my mind was "no f*@king way" "omg" and of course "I have to go to this". So I tried to register online but it wasn't working. Then first thing in the morning I called and was told it was booked full and there was no wait list for canceled reservations. Oh and did I mention its a free seminar? With one of my all time personal finance idols??

I didn't sleep all night I was so excited and then it was killed with this news. How did I not know that she was coming? Ugh I am so upset about this!! Then I think well hell I'm not giving up.

I went to her site and saw she had already made a post about not whining to her if you didn't reserve in time. LoL. Well I would have reserved if only I had known...geez. Anyways I decided to post it on my F.acebook status. It read: ____ is sooooooooo upset she can't get into the Gail Vaz-Oxlade seminar.... if you aren't going PLEASE give me your reservations!!!!

So right away I got some empathetic responses from people who also had wanted to go but weren't able to secure a reservation in time. I was upset and over the evening of doing some bargain grocery and pet stuff shopping. My boyfriend could see I was upset and asked if I thought there would be a scalper there he could buy tickets from.....awwwwwwwwwwww. For a free seminar.... probably not but I enjoyed the sentiment.

I came home and had dinner and decided I had better get on a list of questions for the class tomorrow and came upstairs to grab my notebook. I decided to check cra.kbook.... um I mean F.acebook and there it was....... dun dun dun...

good thing you posted that! i have a reso but i can't go now so its all yours if you like.

wtf?!?!omg!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooohoooo!!! I am freaking out!!!!!!

I am so happy right now I cant even put it into words. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

See people? You got to put it out there! I would like to thank my friend for offering her reservation to me and say thank you to myself for being resourceful.

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