Friday, January 11, 2008

Friendly Frustrations

Do you ever want to take one of your close friends by the shoulders and just shake them really hard? Maybe in your case its a family member or coworker. You know the type of person I'm referring to... the financially jaded people with bad attitudes.
Since I started blogging and reading other PF blogs I have learned a lot of information. It is something I am becoming very passionate about. I find myself reading more books and articles online about money. I find now my passion is turning into a little bit of quick frustrations towards my close family and friends.
I see HUGE mistakes all around me. I also unbecoming behavior such as laziness, stubbornness, and just plain hopeless. I want so badly to bring them back from the dark side and show them how much they could progress if they just changed some common habits they have.
A lot of people in my circle think that I am crazy committed to paying off my debt. I mean how could you not be? I don't listen anymore when I hear excuses. I just don't understand how people are so willing to be content in a lifetime of paycheck to paycheck living and debt repayment. What about retiring people?!?!?!
When I was a young girl I remember a youth speaker coming to my church and advising us to start saving in an RRSP account immediately at the age of 15. He told us the more we invested now that the less we'd have to invest overall to get the same if not better results. Here I am a decade later and I still haven't done it... why? I feel overwhelmed by it.
People don't like to stare their financial demons in the face. Its emotionally and mentally depressing when you have money issues, but by letting them build we are not doing ourselves any favors.
If I cant bare to hear other peoples excuses I should stop making them up for myself. Its time for me to jump in there and have a sit down and learn a little more about RRSP's. I fear what I do not understand so here I go on the path of enlightenment and retirement bliss.

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