Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Why is it so hard to make resolutions? Obviously I need to put procrastination on the list. So let me now sit down and make different resolutions for the much needed areas in my life.

Financial Resolutions for 2008

1) Become debt free
2) Make a living wage from working from home
3) Open an RRSP
4) Contribute more regularly to my emergency savings fund.

Personal Resolutions for 2008

1) Take a language class. (due to my in laws speaking another language)
2) Get over my fear of driving and take my learners test
3) Take an ear coning class to make more money from home
4) Attend at least 5 farmers markets in the spring to sell my handmade jewelry
5) Stress less!!!!!!
6) Update my wardrobe
7) JUST DO IT!! no more procrastination

So as I sit here I think "wow" I just popped these all out in a matter of 5 minutes. I'm guessing I've been wanting to change some things for awhile. So here it is. My makeshift list of resolutions.

What are your resolutions?


Canadian Saver said...

This is a great list!!

Dolly Iris said...

Thank you! I need to review it! ;)