Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Facing Fears

I have a lot of fears that I want to overcome in my life. One big fear that I believe hinders me a lot from progressing is my fear of:


Yes, it's true. Its one of my biggest fears of all time. I am in my mid twenties and have driven probably a total of three times (in parking lots) at a speed not surpassing 10km/hr.
Why do I have this fear?

I have no idea. I was in an accident that could have cost me my life when I was in my late teenage years where I was pulled out of a burning vehicle but my fear existed before this. I am pretty sure a lot of my fear stems from my parents. In general they made me fear a lot of things for petty reasons. This is one trait I will NOT pass on to my children when I have them.

Two years ago I bit the bullet and took the learners test and passed! It has since expired. Now there are a few reasons for this:

1) My fear of driving.
2) Lessons are damn expensive!! ($1000)
3) The length of time it takes to get your license and the many steps in my province.
4) Other drivers (road raging freaks)

Last year my youngest sibling surpassed me and got his driving license. This made me realize its really time to get over this fear.

I have a lot of really good reasons for wanting my license.

1) It hinders me from jobs I am interested in because of requirements or location
2) Freedom from crappy transit services in my area
3) I want to be a good driver before having children
4) I'm tired of standing in the cold or walking through the rain and sleet that is common weather here.
5) I usually drink the least and would be a great DD when we go out.
6) It will give me more independence and control over my time

Now I realize that there are a lot of costs in having a vehicle which is why I wouldn't purchase one without a "car emergency fund". Another thing I would not do is purchase a new vehicle. I have witnessed three people in my life purchase new vehicles and I really do not think in my personal opinion its wise but meh... its not my money depreciating. I will also carpool and use alternate travel options when its suitable for environmental reasons.

I have put this off for years because of both fear and finances. With my highest priority being becoming debt free its really a struggle. I think this is something I will need to pursue a little more slowly. I think I should retest for my learners license and then start putting a little aside for proper lessons. Baby steps..... I like them.

Overall its a catch 22 situation. On one side costs money to start driving and to keep driving. On the other side it could lead me to making a lot more money. I really have lost out on a lot of opportunities because of it and as a market seller I need to be able to transport my goods with less hassle and dependence on others.

Like I said before ... its inevitable and so I'll take the route of baby steps... starting with retesting for my learners license.

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Jade said...

Good Luck!! I'm also in the same boat as you when it comes to driving. :)