Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday Night Rant

Work sucks as usual. Head tech is away AGAIN and the fill in tech and other reg tech hate each other. Goody for me! This makes every day stressful.

After work I was crossing the crosswalk to catch a bus when all of a sudden a car comes veering straight for me. I walk faster but soon her headlights are like blinding me. She's like three feet away before she stops, probably because I threw my arms up in the air as there was no way I could get out of the way fast enough. I kept going but she apparently stopped to have words with me because I hear:

Bitch in yellow car: "Maybe if you weren't wearing black at night I would have seen you"

Me: "Maybe if you observed crosswalks and people in them you wouldn't almost hit pedestrians."

Bitch in yellow car: "How am I supposed to see people dressed in black at night time? Besides, I was in a hurry."

Me: "The blinking white man that indicates its time for a pedestrian to cross should have tipped you off. You know what? FUCK YOU" (then I gave her the finger)

Bitch in the yellow car: " If I were you I wouldn't do that"

Me: "If you were me would you do this?" (smacked my own ass) "Kiss my ass bitch"

I then walked away. I saw her drive by later but I guess she wasn't into backing up what she said. By no means am I fighter but I really don't appreciate almost being hit and then being told its my fault by some idiot chick.

THEN on the bus my friend Nathaniel called me and so I told him what had happened. All of sudden the bus stops and the bus driver walks all the way to where I was sitting and towers over me.

Bus Dude: "It sounds like you've had a hard night"

Me: "Pretty much"

Bus Dude: " You swear like a long shore sailor. All I can hear is cursing from you. You need to keep it down or you'll have to get off the bus".

I agreed to keep it down and then continued my conversation. I would have told off the bus driver but he drives me home 2-3 times per week so I didn't think that's a good idea. I was kind of mad because the bus was empty except for some teenagers who were cursing louder than me. Whatever, I guess I was talking louder than I thought. Probably because I was so aggravated that I didn't realize my volume levels.

What a day!


flirty*almost*30 said...

haaaahaha!!! sorry i'm not laughing AT you! I'm laughing because that is so something that would happen to me, and that's so the SAME reaction I would have had! Good for you for at least standing up for yourself when it was appropriate. I just don't understand what is with people who, when caught doing something obviously wrong, have to pretend that they are right and you are wrong! Are they really that deluded? Yikes.

Nathaniel Christopher said...

Drivers can be so thoughtless to pedestrians... And sometimes those bus drivers are such assholes. Stopping the bus to just lecture you like a child was a condescending tactic designed to humiliate and belittle you. I bet you he's an ex-cop... I'm glad you made it home safely though!!

Arual said...

Dolly, your story made me laugh. I love hearing about you standing up for yourself and I love that you curse like a sailor. I curse like a trucker myself and find it hard sometimes at work to not let f-bombs slip out.
I think its funny the bus driver walked back to tell you to stop swearing. I can just imagine you relaying the story with way more f-bombs! and Bitches! Thanks for the entertaining story. Hope your day has been better :)

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Dolly Iris said...

Flirty - That is really what set me off. The fact that she was trying to push it off on me and then giving me a warning not to tell her off.

Nathaniel - I totally think he was a dinkasaurus about it too. I was able to remember in the heat of the moment though that I rely on public transportation and decided not to fight in that battle.

Arual - My potty mouth is insane! Everyone who meets me thinks I'm this little angel.. then I open my mouth. :D

hklover86 said...

you put up a good fight!

The Asian Pear said...

I'm just glad to hear that you're okay! :)