Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mr and Mrs Clean

BF and I have really been working hard to get the house clean. I've been sorting and scrubbing all weekend. I'm starting to see some serious progress in my zone (upstairs) but I'm wondering how BF is going to get his end done (downstairs). We are hoping to get most of the house done before Thursday as he has a guest coming from Quebec Friday and on Saturday we'll have a houseful to celebrate St Patricks! At least the guest room is in my area of the house so our guest will enjoy a squeeky clean room, lol.

The freak snow storms this weekend have been driving me nuts. It snows heavily for two hours and then thankfully melts away. The flakes are as big as toonies though! I am tired of the weather changes the last few years. Usually we get approximately ten days of snow a year but this year its been hectic. It really makes me worry about the planet. Last years cold spells affected our garden and I'm hoping to avoid that this year. We have decided to start our seedlings soon for our tomatoes and peppers, but those start inside so we should be ok.

Now I'm off to gather some supplies for next weekend. I'm borrowing an air mattress from my mom along with her beer can chicken roaster as I'm doing two for the potluck. I also want to drop off some of my smaller sized clothing at my sisters and pick up some chairs she's giving me. I can't wait for the whole house to be organized it will be so much easier to downsize and figure out what we want to keep in storage before the big move.

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Frugal Dreamer said...

I have been hating this weather too!! It's so random. Hopefully we've seen the last of it!