Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kick Ass Weekend Turned Long Weekend - Part One

You may have noticed that I am BIG into the holidays. Not so much Christmas or New Years. Maybe that will change when I have kids. I prefer the more fun holidays. Halloween is by far my favorite. 2009 saw a big turnout for St.Patricks though.

It started Friday night when BF's friend arrived to stay with us from Quebec. They had a little boys night out eating chicken wings and then off to play pool. I stayed at home to give them some space and to get some prep work done for the party. I made the most delicious chocolate cupcakes paired with the perfect green cream cheese icing.
Saturday was the night of the party I mentioned earlier this month. I decided to do a BYOB potluck. The night started slow as almost everyone was very late which is difficult when its a potluck. Once everyone was there it things started to go really well. BF and friend had made a ton of jello shooters which seemed to turn things up notch. Everyone was required to wear a supplied hat that was also the party favor of the night. Here is a picture of it being sported by none other than famous Vancouver journalist Nathaniel Christopher! Then is a blocked picture of BF hiding from the camera.
Estimated Party Costs
Food - $50
Party Favors - $11 (hats)
Decorations - $6
Liquor - Paid by BF

We also won in the time department. By choosing the items we did for the potluck we freed up a lot of time to be with out guests. Our contributions included 2 beer can chickens, cupcakes, jello shooters, chips and pop. All super easy and fast.

I'll post part two a little later on. I'm still cleaning up the joint and haven't been feeling well lately .


C - The Asian Pear said...

your cupcakes looks super yummy. I love st. patty's day parties (although I'm not irish at all.) It's a good excuse to dye all the drinks green though. ;)

Nathaniel Christopher said...

Asian Pear: The cupcakes were fucking delicious... everything was absolutely great. There was enough food and drink for all. I'm of Irish descent, but my family are protestant from Northern Ireland so I'm technically obliged to wear orange on St. Patrick's Day. Heh