Sunday, March 22, 2009

Forgotten Money

Today I logged into my Paypal just to see what was up and I found some forgotten funds in there! There was $10 Canadian and $10 USD. I was very excited. I was able to set up a transfer for the USD which ended up being $11 something to my regular banking but I need another $5 to be able to xfer the Canadian funds? Oh well. Once the money hits my bank I'll be sure to set up another xfer to send it happily on its way to my savings. Yay for found money!


C - The Asian Pear said...

I love it when that happens! It's like FREE money (although we all know it's not, heh.) Don't you just LOVE it? :)

That happened to me recently too... I won $10 in the lottery but totally forgot. Then I found the ticket and REdiscovered that I won. Or I had some money in a gift certicate I had and ended up trading that for actual cash for my brother.

Nathaniel Christopher said...

I love paypal!