Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spillin The Beans

Well I have a lot of updates for you guys. In my last post I was feeling pretty down. I arrived home to a construction site which is never fun to live in. I found out I owed money to a few places I wasn't aware of. All of it pretty sucky because I have almost no $ and a lot to take care of. I had also had a bit of a letdown workwise. I had posted the previous Tuesday on Facebook that I was looking for a job and a place to live. Then a coworker from my old pharmacy job responded right away asking me if I could come in that day to see our boss as he wanted to see me asap and she was using his phone to msg me on FB. Sweetness. I hauled ass down there to find out he wanted me back but wouldn't likely be able to take me back for a couple months. BOOURNS! So I applied for a Census job to try to fill the gap. I decided to keep my focus on finding a place.

Monday morning I get a call from the pharmacy with a job offer. Holy smokes Batman! I was sooo not expecting that at all. My boss said two of the girls wanted a shift less a week. So that was two plus he added in some hours. Boom. He could offer me 32hours/wk but I would probably have to work a lot of evenings and weekends but never back to back. That was something I could live with. Since I'm a new hire again I will have to wait 3 months for benefits again and 1 year for RRSP matching. I start at my old wage but if I complete 3 stages of online training in the next three months he will give me a dollar raise. Yahoo! Sounds pretty good for me. He also mentioned other financial incentives down the road.

Of course I would prefer 40hrs/wk but one girl will go on maternity in 16 weeks so I think I will get more hours then. Also there is rumor of a clinic opening near our location which would boost hours. Even better, this gives me time to spend on working on my own home business idea. Incredible!

We were almost settled on a place when BF found a super cheap duplex. We went to view it and it was perfect for us. Tons of space, 2 bedrooms, storage room, laundry room, lots of entertaining space. I loved it. I was particulary drawn in by the natural light in the living room and the built in bookcase. I love books. :) So the day I got the job we viewed it and secretly decided we wanted it. The next day we called, showed interest and got it! Yay us! The guy renting the place really took a liking to us. So we sign paperwork Monday but we already have his half filled out and signed so its all ours.

Tomorrow is my best friends bridal shower so I'm going shopping today for her gift. Then on Tuesday early morning we head to Mexico for 7 nights of glorious all inclusive fun. I can't wait to watch her get married at sunset on the beach to her hulk.

My boss had wanted me to start the day after he called but there was a problem. I can't find any of my shoes in storage. So I told him I needed a day to buy some cheap runners. Luckily I had already spotted my old uniform at the top of my clothes bag and so I had that all ready to go. Still, I got in three days working this week. Sadly the computer system has completely changed so I'm like the new kid on the block again. In fact the way they do every tiny thing has changed. Its ok though. I have amazing coworkers.

The best part is there was a staff party already planned for tonight so I get to party with all my old friends from the store. We are going to a pub and then drunk bowling which is my ultimate favorite! Yay!

So I went from glum chum to happy lady in a matter of day. I'm so grateful things have turned around for me. I hope this feeling lasts a long time.


The Asian Pear said...

Wow! That was fast. An apartment and job all in the same week! Glad the transition is going well for you.

Louise said...

thats great that you have got work lined up so quickly! and your new place to live sounds lovely! Congrats!
it must feel bit strange trying to settle in again after so long away.

Laura said...

Hurray! You're new place sounds amazing. The thing I miss most from my old place to my current one is there is very little natural light (more than other apartments in the building, but still...). I would also love built in book cases.

And congrats on getting the job!

Also, I am really happy we stumbled upon each other in the blogsphere and I hope one day we can actually meet. Maybe even an evening of drunk bowling! :)

Dolly Iris said...

Asian Pear - It has been going fast but I think I need it to be like that cuz I was getting in a serious funkmasteryech!

Louise - Yes, its been super hard adjusting. My heart is still back on the other side of the world.

Laura - I think the better lighting will help my mental health a lot. Thats why it was a important factor for me. I would LOVE to meet up sometime in the future. All the east coast ladies meet up I think we need a west coast meet up!

Dolly Iris said...

And of course ..

thanks for your love and support ladies :0)

hklover86 said...

I think I know what pharmacy chain you work for and I know what you mean about changing the way things are done..LOL
Thats great you were able to get the job back right away and your new place sounds awesome, will have to post pics once you move in!

hklover86 said...

I think I know what pharmacy chain you work for..and i know what you mean about things
Thats awesome you got the job back and were able to find a place so fast. You will have to post pics when you move in!

Dolly Iris said...

:) I'll never tell which chain I work for as I want to be able to vent. Thanks, I'll try to post pics but all our furniture is fugly as we thought we would throw it out when we went to Oz. Haha