Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shop Shop Shop on a budget

Yesterday Mom and I went out shopping for the wedding. I bought a $12 necklace, three pairs of cheap hoop earrings for $3.50 and two pairs of cheap flip flops for $1 each (incase one breaks). So I'm all set for bridesmaid dress accessories.

Next we had to focus on the bridal shower gift. Since I usually avoid weddings like the plague I struggled with this one. I googled it and most sites called it a tacky gift grab that was started by a tradition to welcome the new bride into the circle of wifedom but is now nothing more but a way to score more presents. Hmm. It recommended either bedroom gifts or kitchen. I felt way more comfortable with the kitchen stuff as she and I have always loved to get together and cook.

I felt lost out there. Then my mom and I stubbled across the softest blanket in the world. When my friend and I were younger we used to have endless slumber parties. She (lets call her RBBF) would always search out these soft plush blankets my mom had and claim them as her own. It became a running joke and finally my mom gifted each of us one of the blankets. It was a little pricey so I was unsure of it but then my mom insisted on pitching in as RBBF has been one of my besties for ever and she might come to the shower anyway. Yay!

From there we were set. We decided to go for a basket themed "intimate night in for two". We got a deal on a big wicker basket for $5 at Michaels. At Home Sense we got an adorable smores making kit on sale for $4. Then we hit the dollar store. We got a card, beautiful celophane wrap and ribbon for $4. Then we loaded up.

The basket includes the blanket, smores kit and :

2 oversized mugs, coffee, hot chocolate, two chocolate hearts, rose shaped lollipops, 2 coffee scented candles, a bath bomb, milk bath powder, a dvd (Better Sex Through Yoga - my mom picked it out, lol) and two bags of popcorn.

It turned out really well. I didnt want to give a raunchy gift and my budget was limited so I'm very happy with the results. It was fun shopping with my mom and I really hope she gets to come with me today.

On another note - I went to the work party last night and had a blast. All week at work I've wanted to catch up with people and this was a great opportunity. I had an amazing time. It was so much fun. I really love my coworkers.

I hope you all have an amazing Sunday!


The Asian Pear said...

what a great gift. And so thoughtful. I'm sure she'll love it. :)

halfdozendaily said...

A gift basket sounds like a great gift! :) Nice that you were able to put one together with your mom! They always look so nice when all is said & done too!