Monday, February 21, 2011

Mexico Here We Come

Hey Everybody! I'm headed now to spend the night at my besties house before we have to fly out early in the morning for our trip to Mexico. I'm very excited. BF and I are packing our bags now and trying to make sure we have everything ready to go and set up for when we get back.

Today we signed the 6 month lease for the new place. I was happy with all the touch ups they did. The new paint and a the clean up job made a big difference. We met the neighbour (its a duplex) and all went well.

I called BC Hydro and set up our new account there for March 1st. I'll deal with Shaw once I get back. We'll also need to get cell phones when we return. I haven't looked into it much but I have heard good things about Koodo. Any suggestions?

So this may be my last post for a week or so. Just wanted to check in before I go and update you all on our doings. I'm so excited for the wedding! Eek!

Love you all

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