Friday, February 11, 2011

Here I Am

Well today will be one week since I arrive back in my home town. How are things going? Ugh. Yeah, thats about it. I will go into this more later but for right now I want to focus on getting out of my funkmasteryech and back into happygoluckyland.

So what can I do to lighten the mood a little and refocus my happy juices into something more positive? How about completing one of my 30B430 goals? Yes, that sounds fun.

I need to complete goals which require me not to have to spend any money or any supplies of any sort. Sounds limiting but there are a few things that I can do.

1) Learners License - I may not be able to pay for this just yet but the study guide is free. I can pick one up and start reading to prepare myself for the test. There is also a free practice test online. :)

2) Leave "must do" lists in 5 Lonely Planet Australia books - I dont have access to a printer right now but I can write out the lists by hand and make them all pretty.

3)Write a Happy 30th Birthday letter to myself - This should probably be done sooner than later. I can write it out nicely, find an envelope to put it in and tuck it away for that special day.

So this is me giving myself some inspiration to get happy.

I ask you readers - what do you do to pull yourself out of a funk?


halfdozendaily said...

I emphathize with you! ((hugs)) I've been in a funk over our income dropping quite a bit without warning. So I had been in a miserable mood, etc...

Then I realized, "what is the point?!" I put on my big girl panties, made myself a new budget, and am now back to being positive & thankful for all the wonderful gifts I have! :)

Life is good!!!

The Asian Pear said...

Do something you love. And remember to take one thing at a time.

Laura said...

Listen to Madonna and dance. I also clean. And watching Gremlins 2 always makes me laugh