Saturday, April 18, 2009

Taxes Done And Done

Today BF and I had our taxes done. It was the first time we've filed together. I will be getting back $464.59 in the next couple weeks. May is definitely looking good. Three pay days, working the elections ($260) and getting a tax refund of $464.59. I'm going to have to plan out what to do with these funds before I get my hot little hands on them. I'm predicting a big increase in on my savings progress bars (which I need to clean up by the way - I need a blog makeover lol).

I found out today that because our incomes are now combined I won't be getting GST cheques anymore :( BF's response to this was that he felt he was worth the $400/year. He said "Can you believe you get all of this for only $400 annually?" with a big cocky grin. Uh huh..

One interesting bit that caught my interest was BF talking to the tax preparer about RSP contributions. That made me dance with glee inside. Finally, I'm rubbing off on him. :D

We all know I did some job hopping last year and of course it had the tax preparer giggling. Then the most embarrassing thing ever happened. She went to staple all my paperwork together and it broke stapler!!!! You read that right. Broke. The. Staple. She had to go into the back and get a heavy duty stapler. BF said he will never let me live that moment down and is still laughing about it. Whatev!

Anyway I'm glad to have it done. Any other last minute filers out there?


Shevy said...

I'm *always* last minute, except for the very occasional year that I do it by the end of January! This year? I have to *find* it all now that Passover is over and all the papers I boxed up can come out of hiding.

I already helped Eldest Daughter with hers (and son-in-law's) but this year she was doing it and I was telling her what to do because she wants to be able to do it herself next year. They had to do it earlier because they had to put in paperwork for summer day camp for the 4 yo already and they needed the tax info for it.

I have to have the stuff together for Dear Child for school by May 8. So I guess I'll have to be ready pretty well on time. (If you don't owe money to the government you don't actually have to file by April 30. Just if you want your refund any time soon....)

flirty*almost*30 said...

nope.. got mine done by the pros and am happily waiting for my not so little $2600 return!! (my income is unpredictable so I can't help the over-payment)

you're boyfriend sounds hilarious.... and yes, he's probably right - $400 is bargain basement for a good man! you might even call him cheap! ;)

Fabulously Broke said...

I am happy with me $4k return. Of course, it was money I had overpaid without earning any interest to my crap employer, but hey.. whaddya gonna do?

I hate doing it last minute, but I am ALWAYS waiting for corporations to hand out their stupid T2.

I like doing it the minute I get the papers.

(P.S. Any reason why you have word verification on when you are moderating all of the comments anyway?)

Arual said...

I'm not eligible for GST anymore either. I know its good because it means I make more, but I amsad not to have that added bonus 4 times I year :(