Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dear Landlord - Read Tenancy Act Of BC Stat

It's definitely not the first time my landlord has pissed me off. I don't work until 1pm today and I had a really rough night. I hear BF leave for work and then come back in. He comes upstairs and tells me I should get out of bed and get dressed immediately. Huh?

There's some strange man outside here to fix the gutters that fell down during the bad snow storms here over the holidays. BF says he's going to be climbing a ladder and will be able to see in the house so I should get dressed now if I'm worried about it. Uh... so no shower?

This whole thing made BF 30 minutes late for work which his boss will be okay with if he stays later. As for me... I'm pissed. I'm a stickler for the rules. So I got directly on the phone with the landlords wife. I told her that I could have turned the guy away but that would be silly because the repair needs to be done. Then I told her in the future though I will turn them away if I don't receive at least 24 hours notice. She was surprised her husband never called because he hired this guy days ago.

Hmph! I'm so grumpy and my stomach hurts (symptoms for me of not getting enough sleep). This house is poorly insulated and this guy is SUPER loud out there.

It may sound weird but I don't like strange men roaming around my yard without BF here.

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