Saturday, April 11, 2009

Employment Update

Thing are going fairly well at work. My boss hired a male pharmacist awhile ago and I think the testosterone has helped level things out I bit. I hate to say it but I work some feisty females and I welcome his calm nature. It's like having a big brother around. It's definitely improved the atmosphere for me.

I got approved vacation time for my trip to the Okanagan with BF for his conference later this month. Part of it takes place on the weekend so I only had to take 4 days off work. One of those days is a recover day for both of us. A lot of people at work have been taking vacations lately and I'm ready for mine!

Our store is now making employees go online to take care of their scheduling needs. I checked it out last night. I logged on and tried different things. I wanted to practice like my boss suggested but nothing seemed to be set up yet. There was one interesting thing though. The only thing updated was my employee "balances" page. It said I had just over $500 is vacation pay available. This is nice to know, because it isn't posted on our pay stubs so I wasn't sure how much I had.

Online I could chose whether it would be a paid vacation or not. I'd rather it be paid so I can take the money and stick it in savings and accrue interest on it over the next six months instead of leaving it to get a big chunk of dough right before leaving. May has three paydays for me. The middle cheque (or as I refer to it "bonus" cheque) would be the one affected by my vacation so I'm feeling good about the timing of it all. I'm going to do some serious saving next month!! :D


Full o' Debt said...

That sounds like a great little getaway! I'm glad you got your days off. Keep an eye out for Ogopogo...

Canadian Saver said...

It seems like a better mix at work!! I'm glad it's calmed the others down a bit :-)

That's a neat feature you have for your hours!!! We have a site we can go to check our sick and vacation hours, but it doesn't have a dollar figure attached... I'd prefer that!

Happy Easter!