Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Strange New Calmness Regarding Tax Season

Usually this time of year I am bugging out my head eagerly awaiting all my tax documents so I can do my taxes. Not this year.

What's the difference? Well, I thought about it and I think its because this is the first year that I'm not desperate to get my hands on some dough. Every year I can't wait to get my T4's and other documents so that I can cash in. I usually have the money ear marked before I even have it in my hands.

Its made me realize how much more secure I feel with a few bucks in the bank and no debt looming over my head. A lot of times I am disappointed I never had that big WOOHOO moment when I paid off my debt. Heck, I haven't even written my blog post on it yet. Today though it hit me that this feeling of ease is the real pay off. I have been impacted in ways that I'm just discovering now.

If you are still in debt I really urge you to make the commitment and prioritize your finances to get that monkey off your back. I think you'll see a lot of change in your life. Best of all you'll have security and more confidence in yourself. I know its had a big effect on me personally.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Thats so great you have paid off all your debts! I can't believe you're not more excited about it, although seeing as its one of those intangible things, it probably hasn't really sunk in yet. I too eagerly await tax season! I know you're not supposed to let them take too much tax because its money thats not doing you any good, but my work schedule is always so weird that I end up getting thousands back some how. CAN'T WAIT! One more month....
So what are you going to do with your refund?!

Dolly Iris said...

If I get a refund I'm going to most likely add it to the Australia fund. I need to show proof of having $5000 when I apply for my Visa in July and I just found that out so I'm even more anxious to save!

alex said...

Hello Dolly Iris,

As a fellow money (miser) saver I have followed your blog for a little while now.

So I have a little offer for you.

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So let the bartering begin??!

Alex Preece
Bad with my money, great with other peoples!
(I am based in London, England so excuse the weird times you get this email!)

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Arual said...

Dear Dolly,
Where are you? I miss you. I hope everything is okay.

Dolly Iris said...

Arual- Everything is ok. Thanks for checking in on me. I will write soon. I need to catch up on your blog too!

Miss u!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dolly,
I knew I hadn't been able to find an exact debt-free post - you gotta do that, girl!
I admit though, it's more a calmness, than a woohoo moment.
I was surprised how non-elated I felt but i think its because there's a realisation that there's a lot more work to do before you can relax, certainly a lot more than i thought there would be when i first started this blog!