Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ever Want To Punch Somebody In The Face?

So I've decided not to call the other tech bitchy tech anymore because we sort of bonded over the last few weeks. Today before work I saw her in the food court and she was so supportive towards me. Then I headed into the dispensary to find out I was going to be blister packing all day so that I could have some space. Thank god! I had two really good talks with head tech and my pharmacist buddy while I was back there. I really think that things have the possibility to turn around if we all try together to keep things positive.

After break I came back to see the mother and grandmother of the tech whom I'm filling in for on mat leave waiting for their prescription. Let me tell you... These women are fucking cows! Not the grandmother, but the mat leave tech and her mom. Holy crap! Every time I have to deal with mat leave techs mom she is super rude to me. I could hear her complaining very loudly as soon as I came in that they should have called ahead because we're all slow and stupid since her daughters not there right now. See what I mean? So anyway, I went to try and help them but before I could she dismissed me saying she would come back when somebody who knew what they were doing was there. I tried to keep my cool and help her but she was being so rude and saying inappropriate things so I let the pharmacist take over and walked away.

Twenty minutes later mat leave tech comes storming in and goes straight to a terminal to see what was going on with her grandmothers rx. I hate that she comes back there when she's not working. I don't think its right at all. The pharmacist pulled me aside and said maybe I should talk to her about it because her mother is always so rude to me. Bad idea.

She blew up on me saying that I should expect difficult customers and that I should learn that its part of my job. I was pissed. I was very calm and told her that I feel like maybe the reason her mom treats me that way is because I'm the fill in for her. I know that this family is obsessed with mat leave tech and think she's perfect. GAG!! She just kept fighting with me. I walked away and she was yelling at me about all this stuff that was irrelevant. So I calmly let her know that I approached her so to try to smooth over whatever issue there is her mom has with me and that I know how to do my job and that I am more than aware of how to handle myself. She just kept beeking off and I really just wanted to walk up and punch her in the face. When she left everyone couldn't believe it, well they could. We all agreed that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree with this family. I'm not going to type out everything that she said to me because honestly it was ridiculous and showed that she wasn't even listening to me. She came in prepared to fight with me. *sigh* Seriously, bitch needs to get a life!!

In other news.... today they went to drain the liquid around my grandfathers lungs and it turned out that most of it had already dispersed thanks to some meds he's on. They also concluded that the reason his lung collapsed was because of the enlarged lymph nodes. Apparently once this is fixed that lung should be fine. The bad part is that they are pretty sure the spot on the lung is cancerous but they need to do some more testing. If so they will get him started on some meds to shrink the nodes and prepare him for radiation treatment. They have been trying to squeeze him in all over the place with specialists and doctors so we feel pretty lucky. I heard he was pretty tired looking today and that he refuses any sort of entertainment. He won't accept a tv, phone, dvd player, games.. nothing. He just wants people to come up and keep him company. I plan to go there on Saturday and Sunday to cheer him up.

Thank you everyone for your supportive comments lately. I really missed you all. Blogging can be so therapeutic!!


flirty*almost*30 said...

If I were you, I'd consider writing a complaint, and getting the witnesses to this event to also write statements too. This is completely unprofessional, and the bulk of my letter would say that this all happened in a public area where customers could see her inappropriate behaviour. It wouldn't hurt. I feel so bad for you! I WOULD have punched her in the face, but this might be why I don't and never have worked in any kind of customer service industry.... either that or I would have given her some prozac or something as a subtle hint...

Arual said...

Holy Hannah Dolly! Keep being strong about the whole mat techie chiquita. She sounds like she is insecure about losing her job...maybe its because she can see you do know what you aer doing and that you may be more efficient then her. People in general are crazy :)

I am sorry to hear about your grandfather, but happy to hear that he seems to be getting better. He is in my thoughts.


hklover86 said...

wow. I also work in pharmacy, and it sounds like people you work with are quite unprofessional.
Maybe I am just lucky in that I really get along with my coworkers but who knows.
We all get along really well and if we ever do have an issue with each other we would never yell at each other or discuss it in front of customers, because that's just not professional. And nobody ever ends up crying really. It just seems like people at your work are immature. :(
It must be so irritating to work in that environment. I don't know how you put up with it!

Dolly Iris said...

Flirty - I reported it today. Other coworkers also reported it before I had a chance. The problem is.. its typical for this pharmacy. Totally ridiculous!

Arual - You hit the nail on the head. They are trying to be assholes to me because she is insecure.

HK - I agree with you 100% It's the worst! The reputation is getting around to. We are short pharmacists but can't fill the positions. The problem is my boss. He should be writing people up and then firing them for things like this but he ignores the problems. I'm VERY frustrated. I've never experienced such childish behavior in the work place before. I've been really pushing everyone to stop bad mouthing each other and create a positive environment. All I can do is wait out the next 8 months and then I'm off to Australia.

Canadian Saver said...

Doesn't sound like a good work environment, and it seems only 1 or 2 are causing the problems.

That lady out on leave and her mom are incredible though, geez. Sorry you had to go through that :-(