Monday, December 22, 2008

Transit Service Blues

What a day! Today is not starting out well at all. I looked online to make sure my usual bus was running. Then I trudged all the way to a bus stop only to have the bus never show. I did however get sprayed up my side by a plow truck. I tried to avoid it but they've piled the snow up on the sidewalk so its 4ft deep and so you have no choice but to walk on the road dodging cars.

I called work to tell them if my parents can dig themselves out I'll be there but if it snows I'd have to leave work early anyway. I really hate missing work but to be truthful I feel horrible today. I may just trudge out for some seriously needed groceries but that is it. I'm working both stats this week so I'm trying not to be hard on myself. Honestly, if I wanted to get there I could. I would be late but I could get there if necessary. Apparently they're not to busy so maybe I need to take a snow/mental break day for myself.

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hklover86 said...

hey dont be too hard on yourself. Im sure if you couldnt make it, then there is others who couldnt make it either. Hope you enjoyed the break!