Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sierra Adventure Gear

The search for equipment for the Australia trip is on. The only thing I've bought (well BF bought) is my expedition backpack. There's still so much to buy!

Today I was able to check out the website for Sierra Adventure Gear. I like the set up of the site. You can search for things by type of gear or by brand which is great for me. I feel when it comes to this type of purchasing its always good to go with brands you know and trust. I think of outdoor equipment as an investment and like to buy items I feel confident about.

I love that there is free shipping for any orders over $75. BF and I have purchased from online sites before and had to pay shipping fees which really sucked. It would definitely make me purchase from Sierra just to avoid the extra fees.

I am currently looking for a headlamp, sleeping bag, and other random goodies for the trip. All of which Sierra carries. I can't wait for BF to get home so we can check out the site more together.

I am getting so excited for the trip but there are still so many details and so much planning left to do. The shopping is fun though! ;)

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