Monday, December 29, 2008

Holidays Recap

I wish I could say the holidays have been great for me but... not so much.

I worked both Xmas and Boxing day which would have been fine except we were the only pharmacy open mid island with only myself and one pharmacist working. Most people were great and appreciative that we were open. I had to set up new profiles constantly as people were coming from all the surrounding towns. One man in particular thought he could get his rx filled faster by screaming at me and belittling my job. He decided to take his rx elsewhere. Hmm.. good luck buddy, we're the only ones open. :)

In other pharmacy news there was a ton of chocolates and cookies for us to munch on but we were too busy to even pee. One very generous customer gave each pharmacy staff member a beautiful card and a $25 gift card to the Keg.

I had Xmas dinner with my family which was ok except for some whining and jerkiness about gifts. I am so never doing secret Santa draws with my siblings EVER again. The kids however loved their gifts and were super happy. For me its more about the giving than the getting so I was happy.

I'm not sure if I mentioned that last weekend our pipes were frozen solid for two days. Not fun! This last weekend on Saturday I was awoken to a huge crash out back. The gutters filled with run off and froze into one long super sized brick of ice. It caused some major damage when it tore off the back. It crushed our BBQ, lawn chairs, tore off one of the sensor lights and knocked down my clothesline. I called the landlord tonight who told me to buy a new BBQ and chairs and save the receipt. I told him I'd let BF deal with that when he returns, but that I took pictures for him and wanted to let him know ASAP.

Today I checked my mail to find out I'm being audited by EI for a claim I had up until last March. I guess some of the amounts I submitted didn't match the 3 companies I worked for part time during my claim. I added up the amount I declared and the amount they stated they paid me and if I'm right EI actually owes me $428.26. It's weird because they don't say anywhere an amount that I owe them but there is a big bold note saying that if they overpaid me they will make me pay them back and then they will penalize me and possibly charge me for falsifying records. It also says it may affect future benefits. YIKES! Well, I was very careful and I have a calendar somewhere with my hours.

I know I submitted the right hours but all of these employers were losers. They never paid me on time or correctly so who knows. I tried to get some help today by calling EI but they were very mean and unhelpful. ;( Jerks! At least I was trying to work during that time. The letter also said my evidence is due back Dec 23rd. LOL. They extended it until Jan 15th which is good. I want BF to help look everything over before I do anything and he gets back on the 6th. So... if EI underpaid me ... do they owe me? I'm going to ask tomorrow.

I also have to write letters stating why I was dismissed. Ok

Employer A - Didn't like that I didn't want to be sexually harassed or work for free. We got to deal with labour relations on that one.

Employer B- Fired me before I could become part of the union. This man has since been released from that company for doing this to about 30 women.

Employer C - Hired me and promised hours. Then he hired my friend and gave him my hours. Then he stopped calling us both..... not sure.. but I did get reimbursed union fees from this one. This job is advertised every three weeks.

So... I'm not looking forward to figuring this one out but if it works out in my favor I may as well let it be I guess.

I'm really trying to not be stressed. :)


Fabulously Broke said...

Let's focus on the positive.. AT LEAST YOU ARE OUT OF DEBT.

Geez.. Hope everything works out :( That really sucks.

Fabulously Broke in the City
Just a girl trying to find a balance between being a Shopaholic and a Saver...

hklover86 said...

my pharmacy was open xmas day too, but techs didnt have to work, only 1 pharmacist. and there is other pharmacies of the same chain in town so its not that bad, that really sucks you had to work :( just think of the extra money!

Mama Bear said...

We were on the Island this past weekend and couldn't believe all the snow you guys got!!! My aunt works at the pharmacy in a Rexall and always has good stories about the ... 'interesting' customers. Haha.

About the EI - if they owe you, stand your ground because they aren't going to just give you the money. The gov't is so bad about that!

Canadian Saver said...

Good luck getting this sorted, Dolly... I hope it's not too much of a pain :-(