Monday, September 12, 2011

Why I Love September

Oh September. You are not usually my favorite month but this year you've managed to bring two very special occasions to my life.

1) All the kiddies go back to school. Yay! As you can tell I dont have children and do not want any in the near future. I'm happy to have them tucked away in schools instead of screaming and running around the pharmacy :)

2) 3 paydays!!!! Thats the real winner for me. Its usually October but this year its going to fall in September. I just realized this and am feeling like its time to make some progress with my savings.

Anyone else have 3 paydays this month? What will you do with the extra cashola?


Canadian Saver said...

No kiddies for me either, so I don't miss them around the stores either!

I too have a 3rd paycheck this month :D I plan on putting $1,000 towards my emergency fund and the rest on stocking up for winter stuff (one trip to Costco down, another to go!)

talesofablendedfamily said...

I have children and I too am happy that they are tucked away in school! LOL. It means I can go back to working at home 2 days a week because they aren't there to wreak havoc!

3 paycheques this month for Shane, but not me...but it means that it's a 5 paycheck month. My 3 pay month is December.