Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Mothers Greatest Fear

Just a week before I was scheduled to pick up Chipotle I was struck with fear deep in my heart. Bringing a kitten into my life would be a huge commitment. I knew that I would never give him away or ignore him as he would be my furbaby forever. It was a lot to imagine after travelling with only a backpack for a full year.

There was something else though. Long term readers may remember my sweet little rat baby named Cherri. She was the apple of my eye. Sadly she was very sickly. Price was no object though and between paying debts and savings I paid for all her treatments and medications. Her life was cut short by illness and after only 1.5 years she passed away leaving me heart broken and grieving for a long long time. How could I go through that again?

Some people believe that it is better to have loved and lost then to never have loved at all. When I looked back on all the moments we shared together my heart fills with happiness. I still miss her and I dont regret everything I went through with her. It was worth it.

On Wednesday after a hard day at work Chipotle went missing for 4 hours. He never strays from the yard and always comes when called just like a little puppy would. We combed the neighbourhood and wooded area calling his name and shaking his bag of treats. I quickly put up posters at the surrounding apartments and bus stops. I posted on Facebook and all local city sites that he was missing with photo. I was frantic and desperate.

At 10pm we heard a crying mew from the back door which was left ajar in hopes he would make his way home. BF ran to the door and scooped him up to deliver him into my arms where I bawled like a little baby.

Where he disappeared to I will never know. I have my suspicions but this is a secret Chipotle will always hold. The experience was soul shaking. For right now we have decided to keep him inside unless closely supervised until he has all his shots, tattoo and is neutered.

Of all the financial investments I will make he brings the greatest return.

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