Sunday, September 11, 2011


Well I opened a TFSA tonight with ING. It was pretty easy to get started. That's what I love about ING. One of my 30B43o goals is to have $1000 saved in that account. With 13 months to go I have full confidence I'll be able to meet my goal. I've started out with a $100 and it feels really good to be saving again. The interest rate is currently at 1.5% though. :( Still, its better than nothing.
I'm thinking I will use this as my EFund. I want to reevaluate my savings goal. Well, my goals in general. What do you use your TFSA for?

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Canadian Saver said...

I have my TFSA with ING too... around November they usually offer extra interest so watch for that.

Mine's my Emergency Fund.. I'd maxed out for 2009 and 2010 but only have about 1/3 for 2011 so far. But at least we can catch up later on!