Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Purchasing A Van

BF and I have discussed many times that we may want to purchase a van in Australia to live in. It would serve as our portable home for the year. Our own little slice of familiarity as we travel about. Well lately BF has been looking a lot more online at vans that are currently for sale to get an idea of price and narrow down what we are looking for.

For me it was all about the layout of the van. I was attracted to the pop roof and the idea of not having to be hunched over all the time. I would be happy with something like this. I want to be able to feel cozy and not claustrophobic. I want to be able to have all of our things neatly organized.

BF on the other hand has a whole different variety of needs. His mostly have to do with what's under the hood. I have no idea what those things are so I let him decide whats good in that area.

I'm sure we'll find something good once we get there. I need to start savings up for the van now too. BF has a budget in mind but we're still in investigation mode. The best part about the van is we can recoup some money before we come back. As long as its running well and we have a buyer. :) I think its an important investment for us for this trip.


Frugal Dreamer said...

How fun!! And smart! This will save you tons of money :)

H wanted to do something similar, but road trip across North America in it! lol.

Canadian Saver said...

This is too cool! I am very excited for you already and the trip is still a months away :-)

Debt Dieter said...

I spent many of my childhood school holidays travelling around Australia in a van just like that!

One thing you will need to factor in is powered campsite rental fees, especially in the capital cities.

Here'sone that's only 5-10 minutes from my place!