Friday, May 1, 2009

April TCOB Review

  • Have Niece Over For Sleep Over Party With Lots Of Fun Activities - DONE

I had a great time with my niece. We did some really fun Easter related activities like decorating an easter basket and a little gingerbread bunny hut. We also took her to see that new movie Monsters vs Aliens which was in 3D - super fun!
  • Save $700 Towards Australia Fund - DONE
I am really determined to reach my goal on this one everything month. It is definitely my highest priority.
  • Get Things Worked Out With Pharacare And MSP
I did my part on this one. Just waiting for my employer to finish their end. Basically I've taken it as far as I can and things will be worked out in due time. It's no longer impacting me financially and both sides are aware of the process we're going through to get everything sorted.

  • Renew PO Box - DONE
I usually renew for a year at a time since that is the cheapest option but this time we renewed for 6 months because that will take us until the end of September and by then we should have a better idea of when we'll be officially leaving for Australia.
  • Take Mini Vaca With BF To Okanagan - DONE
Can you say amazing? We had the BEST time. Well, mine was better than BF's because I got to take part in the partner program (paid for by BF's boss) so I had two full days of fun activities with the other wives.
  • Plant The Rest Of The Garden
With all of the craziness we had going on this month we did not get around to doing this. It turned out okay though because of the crazy weather. We plan to get this done over this weekend.
  • Organize And Burn Photos Off Computer
Big fail on this one... but it seriously needs to be done!
  • Dig Out Bills Binder And Reorganize
Nope, nadda, not done.
  • Sort Through Large Bag Of Bills And Such In Office Closet
Another important task that I didn't allot time for. Bad Dolly!

  • Have A Hell Of A Great Long Weekend - DONE
It appears I succeeded on all of the more fun goals. Oops.

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